Cleaning Photovoltaic Power Station

Cleaning Photovoltaic Power Station


Some Plans about Cleaning Photovoltaic Power Station


Manual cleaning (Currently the most widely used)

1.Labor and Equipment costs

According to statistics, one person can clean 100㎡,1MW photovoltaic?module about 6600㎡, it need 66 people. If estimated at $13 per person/day , 1MW need to spend $850 one time .

If estimated at 3 times every month, 1MW need to spend $1613

2. Advantages

1) Water consumption is lower, 1MW need 1 T

2) Lower cost

3. Defects

1) Labor intensive, difficult to manage so many staffs.

2) Poor cleaning effect

3) It is easier to damage the components glass, and affect the light transmittance and life


High-pressure water gun to clean

1.Labor and Equipment costs

Estimated at 300㎡ each person, 1MW need 22 people. 1MW need to spend $284 if estimated at$13 each person . If clean 3 times every month, 1MW need to spend $10160


1)More cleaner

2)Big water consumption

3. Defects

1)Not suitable for lack of water area

2)Big pressure make component crack

3)Need professional and technical personnel



1.Labor and Equipment costs

Spray equipment add about $6-8/㎡, the initial investment is $0.05/W


Do not need labours, Cleaning is more speed, and especially suitable for roof photovoltaic plants which is not inconvenience for human cleaning.

3. Defects

1)Bigger water consumption, 1MW need about 6-7T

2)The effect is modest.


Professional cleaning equipment

1.Labor and Equipment costs

Equipment price difference is bigger


Lower water consumption, 1MW needs 5T

3. Defects

1) Suitable for relatively flat terrain and better geology place.

2) The uneven pressure of components are received

3)Need professional and technical personnel


  1. As photovoltaic power station increases quickly ,many places have professional photovoltaic power station cleaning company
  2. If water is difficult to get, can using compressed air purging method.
  3. Robot cleaning.