Questions and installation methods about PV connector PV-MC

PV connector (PV-MC) is used in the solar system, safety and easy to use. Even so,  many people have questions about the PV connector, down below.

  1. How to distinguish between male and female PV connector? As shown the below picture. Usually the male connector is used as the negative  and the female head is used as the positive .

PV connector MC4 type

  1. The connection of PV connector (PV-MC).PV-mc’s male connector is marked “-“, indicating the negative pole, and the female connector is marked “+”, indicating the positive pole.Many e-commerce vendors sell such cables.(as shown in the figure) :

PV connector MC4 type

Usually the red cable is used for the positive pole, but the red cable shown above is used for different joints.

This is primarily an application scenario.

Usually A is used as the output line of the solar panel junction box, while B is used as extension cord.

  1. Supporting tools for PV connector (PV-MC).

A user bought a photovoltaic connector (pv-mc) that was not easy to install when it was used, in fact it was a tool kit.

The fighure below:

PV connector MC4 type

The PV connector kit contains ( from left to right) : shear pliers, pressure tongs, MC4 wrenches, wire strippers.

  1. How to install PV connector (PV-MC)?

Step 1: check the accessories:

PV connector MC4 type

Step 2: strip the line about 6mm-7mm, be careful not to cut the copper wire:

PV connector MC4 type

Step 3: press down and press all copper wires into the copper connector:

PV connector MC4 type

Step 4: insert the cable of the copper connector into the connector shell:

PV connector MC4 type

Step 5: tighten the nut and be careful not to tilt:

PV connector MC4 type

Step 6: the male and female connector shall complete the renderings:

PV connector MC4 type

All done!

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