How to choose and buy PV connector?

PV connector, in the solar system is a very small part, but the role of nots allow to ignore.Because be the widget, a lot of people have not enough attention to it, don’t know about it.In fact, if your connector use undeserved, may cause larger, connectors, contact resistance of fever shortened lifespan, joint fire failure.So how to choose and buy good pv connector?

1, according to the PV connector international standard, male female connector to plug the contact resistance is not greater than 5 m Ω, the lower the resistance value, the better.

2, 1.5 times the rated current is flowing through the current best.

3, rated voltage than photovoltaic system voltage.

4, waterproof protection level is IP67 or higher.

5, ammonia resistance, salt fog resistance, radiation protection.

6, conform to the requirements of the use of the environment.

7, and cables size matches.

Purchasing the same connector as far as possible, lest appear specification tolerance.In the process of using, pay attention to the installation.

MC4 PV connector MC4 solar connector