Key losses in Photovoltaic system

Key losses in Photovoltaic system


There are losses in Photovoltaic system, let’s analyse what cause these losses.

1.??? Mismatching.

When there are mismatching among solar panels DC in series or photovoltaic?array, there will lead to the losses.

How to calculate these losses:

(1)According to the distribution of the current

(2)Shunt?resistor Under different radiation


(1)Use string inverter

(2)Short circuit current step

2.??? Inverter .

It includes the inverter itself losses and DC transfer to AC, the MPPT will also lead to the loss.

The inverter itself s:

(1)Inverter efficiency

(2)Over-load loss

(3)Power threshold loss

(4)Over-voltage loss

(5)Voltage threshold loss

Inverter also has continuous open circuit losses at night. In general ,the open circuit losses will be 0.1%, full-load losses will be 1%

3.??? Cable

Voltage fluctuation will lead to ohmic losses. So cable losses according to the actual situation. Cable loss include AC loss and OC loss:

(1)AC loss means AC output to transformer junction,

(1)DC loss means photovoltaic?array, combiner?box output to the inverter DC.