Grid Tie Micro Inverter MaySun 600W-B

Product features:
  •  MPPT(maximum power point tracking),effectively track and lock maximum power output of solar panels.
  •  When the inverter track the maximum power point of the solar panel, it will automatically locked and with stable output.
  •  standard MC4 input port,easy and safe installation.
  • Integration AC output port.
  •    Pure sine wave output.
  •  anti-islanding protection function:inverter will automatically stop output when the utility grid off or fault.
  •  Over-temperature protection, short current protection and over-load protection.
  • IP65 waterproof function.
Input Data(DC) MaySun 1200W-B MaySun 600W-B MaySun 300W-B
Recommend PV modules 300W×4pcs 300W×2pcs 300W×1pcs
Maximum DC input voltage 50V
MPPT voltage range 25-40V
Operation voltage range 22-50V
One way maximum input current 20A
Output Data(AC) MaySun 1200W-B MaySun 600W-B MaySun 300W-B
Peak power output 1200Watt 600Watt 300Watt
Rated output power 1150Watt 540Watt 270Watt
Rated output current @120V:9.58A    @230V: 5A @120V:4.8A   @230V:2.5A @120V:2.4A   @230V:1.25A
Rated voltage range @120V:90-140V      @230V:180-260V
Rated frequency range 50Hz/60Hz Auto
Power factor >98%
Maximum unitsper branch @120V:3PCS   @230V: 5PCS @120V:6PCS  @230V: 10PCS
Max-current per branch 30A
Efficiency MaySun 1200W-B MaySun 600W-B MaySun 300W-B
MPPT efficiency 99.5%
Maximum output efficiency 92%
Night power consumption <70mW Max
Exterior MaySun 1200W-B MaySun 600W-B MaySun 300W-B
Ambient temperature range -40℃ to +60℃
Operation temperature range -40℃ to +82℃
Dimensions (WxHxD) 370mm×305mm×38mm 289mm×200mm×38mm 191×176×38mm
Weight 2.85kg 1.53kg 0.83kg
Waterproof rating IP65
Cooling Natural convection - No fans
Feature MaySun 1200W-B MaySun 600W-B MaySun 300W-B
Communication function Wifi (Options)
Power transmission mode Reverse transfer, load priority
Electromagnetic compatibility EN50081.part1   EN50082.part1
Grid disturbance EN61000-3-2 Safety EN62109
Grid detection DIN VDE 1026 UL1741
Package MaySun 1200W-B MaySun 600W-B MaySun 300W-B
Inner box Dimensions       425×370×115mm 340×245×98mm 300x205x115mm
Unit G.W. 4KG 2.6KG 1.27KG
Carton Dimensions 435x380x240mm(2pcs) 435x380x240mm(4pcs) 420x315x365mm
Carton G.W. 8.6KG 11.5KG 6KG

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