Wind grid tie inverter WGTI500W 10.5-30V/22-60V

Product information:

  • Name: Grid tie inverter WGTI500w10.5-30V/22-60V
  • Brand:  Maywah
  • Item:  WGTI500w10.5-30V/22-60VLCD
  • Display:LCD
  • Input:AC  3-phase
  • Controller:with inside


  • Suitable for 12V/24V 3-phase AC wind generator
  • This inverter with controller inside, and have MPPT function.
  • Can connect dump load outside.
  • Adapt SPWN technology to make pure sine wave output.
  • When the grid utility fault or off, the inverter will use the anti-islanding protection to shut down the system automatically.
  • Multi in parallel to achive large power output.
Wind grid-series models WG300W-WAL WG500W-WAL WG1000W-WAL WG1500W-WAL WG2000W-WAL
Rated AC output power 300W 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W
DC Input Voltage Range (the test point is at the output of the rectifier) 10.5-30VDC/22-60VDC 45-90VDC
Max output power factor 99%
DC input Reverse voltage protection Fuse
AC output voltage range 90~160VAC/180~260VAC
AC frequency range 46Hz~65Hz
Islanding protection Yes
Output short circuit protection Current-limiting
Cooling Fan
Night Power <1W
Ambient temperature range -10 ℃~45℃
Waterproof Indoor Type Design
dump load resistors parameter R=V2/P=54*54/600 = 4.9 (ohm)
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN50081.part1   EN50082.part1
Power System Disturbance EN61000-3-2  EN60950-1
Network test DIN VDE 126
Project case
Installation place:Shenzhen
Installation year:2013
System power:600W
Project case
Installation place:Inner Mongolia
Installation year:2014
System power:600W

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