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micro inverter solar system

Chile is a gold mine for photothermal power generation!

“Chile is a gold mine for photothermal power generation!” So says a person in the industry who has been working with the government’s CORFO, a government […]

New added address announcement

Forge ahead ,sonorous forward. After years of hard word and MayWah person’s efforts, we up to a higher step. MayWah’s injection department move from Xinmin community […]

Two years after the installation of photovoltaic grid tiepower system

Case 1: shenzhen rooftop photovoltaic engineering south university of science and technology Solar panels have monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and thin film components, etc. Inverter is […]

How to choose and buy PV connector?

PV connector, in the solar system is a very small part, but the role of nots allow to ignore.Because be the widget, a lot of people […]