Evolution of MC4 Connector Port

MC4 connector interface generally depends on its application, but also to meet the requirements of electrical and mechanical properties. BMA connectors are commonly used in blind-plug […]

Questions and installation methods about PV connector PV-MC

PV connector (PV-MC) is used in the solar system, safety and easy to use. Even so,  many people have questions about the PV connector, down below. […]

Power generation glass:The integration of photovoltaic architecture is the future trend.

Solar energy has become a household name. After the serious environmental problems caused by fossil energy generation in the 1970s and 1980s, light energy generation became […]

How to evaluate solar radiation resources DNI?

As a capital-intensive power generation technology, solar power (CSP) project of the “fuel” comes from the sun radiation, with Direct method to the sun radiation (Direct […]
micro inverter solar system

Chile is a gold mine for photothermal power generation!

“Chile is a gold mine for photothermal power generation!” So says a person in the industry who has been working with the government’s CORFO, a government […]

New added address announcement

Forge ahead ,sonorous forward. After years of hard word and MayWah person’s efforts, we up to a higher step. MayWah’s injection department move from Xinmin community […]

Two years after the installation of photovoltaic grid tiepower system

Case 1: shenzhen rooftop photovoltaic engineering south university of science and technology Solar panels have monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and thin film components, etc. Inverter is […]

How to choose and buy PV connector?

PV connector, in the solar system is a very small part, but the role of nots allow to ignore.Because be the widget, a lot of people […]

DIY solar charger

DIY solar charger ? Summary: Don’t spend a penny to make a battery by yourself, Now let me introduce this method The followed is the required […]

Photovoltaic power generation system-Battery

Photovoltaic power generation system-Battery ? Summary: Photovoltaic power generation system-Battery Battery can be used everywhere, such as shaver, electrocar. In power generation system, energy storing device […]

Photovoltaic system generation cost analyze

Photovoltaic system generation cost analyze ? Summary: Photovoltaic system generation cost analyze As we know, Initial investment of photovoltaic?system cost is high, operation and maintenance cost […]

How to calculate the pollutant emissions of photovoltaic

How to calculate the pollutant emissions of photovoltaic ? Summary: How to calculate the pollutant emissions of photovoltaic power station? As clean energy, photovoltaic?power?generation needn’t consume […]

Cleaning Photovoltaic Power Station

Cleaning Photovoltaic Power Station Date:2015-07-25 Summary: Some Plans about Cleaning Photovoltaic Power Station First: Manual cleaning (Currently the most widely used) 1.Labor and Equipment costs According […]

Ten factors disturb Photovoltaic power generating

Ten factors disturb Photovoltaic power generating Date:2015-08-04 Summary: As is well-known,Photovoltaic power generating capacity calculation method: Theoretical annual energy output= The average annual solar radiation amount+ […]

Key losses in Photovoltaic system

Key losses in Photovoltaic system Date:2015-08-08 Summary: There are losses in Photovoltaic system, let’s analyse what cause these losses. 1.??? Mismatching. When there are mismatching among […]

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Case of Sun Tracking System

Solar tracking bracket is a tracking system. East-west, south- north two-way automatic tracking, so that make the PV system to achieve greater application value.